Mission statement

To fight against Epidemics, surviving jointly crisis and emerging stronger by involving Nations, Organizations and Businesses through strength, love and prudence.

Vision statement 

We are a Consortium of specialists, experienced Organizations and Companies in the sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain and Humanitarian field. We act together as Global-acting-Platform, with full-scope of Services for Nations to manage and implement a sustainable supply-chain and Distribution Network from the manufacturer to the final users.

Executive Committee

Mr. Robert F. Blum

Diplomatic Circle of Geneva

Mr. Mohammad Shafiq

Mme. Monique Blum

Diplomatic Circle of Geneva

Dr. Karim Bendhaou

Merck Afrique

Action Committee Member's 

Mr. Felice Boga 

Dr. Mariwan Baker

Mr. Johan Schreuders

Mr. Tim Oliver Kirschbaum

Dr. Roy J. McGroarty

Mr. Patrick Gruau

Dr. Wolfgang Reckendorfer

Mr. Guenther Stonig

Mr. Axel von Hagen

Mr. Roy Knaus

 Dr. Peter Hauschild

Freud University

Dr. Peter Canaris

Freud University

Mr. Vargheese Anthony

Mr. Chris Vassilopoulos

Mr. Ryan Shafiq

Mr. Miroslav Skorepa

Mr. Bart Jongen

Mr. Franz Portmann

Mr. Ronald Kleijwegt


By AB Création