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 " Together For a better and saver world "



Panafricantaskforce is a group of about twenty companies with the aim of fighting epidemics, surviving together the crisis and emerging stronger by involving nations, organizations and businesses by force, love and prudence.

36 Boulevard Helvétique, Geneva, Switzerland
Vidéo Promo Panafrican Taskforce

Vidéo Promo Panafrican Taskforce

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President's Message 

Africa, Europe's neighboring continent, is not a lost cause and its problems should be our constant preoccupation in projects, discussions and international negotiations.

This is the reason why in these times of global tension following this pandemic I have decided to create the "PANAFRICAN TASKE FORCE" in order to help the African continent and I am happy and proud to see that a significant number of companies led by long-time relations and friends have joined this great project.

Africa is more on the march than the international press and some media are willing to say and write about it, but as far as Covid 19 is concerned, we have to be aware of how we will be able to help the different countries of this continent.

For this aid to be effective there are two failures to our previous promises "Willingness
and Consistency" because we often make strong announcements at large conferences, but most of the time they are followed by indecision.

We have therefore decided with my partners to set up an organization that is able to provide all the products necessary to fight against this "Covid 19" of perfect quality and at prices that are acceptable to all the populations of the different countries with also the search for adequate funding and compatible with the standard of living of the citizens of this continent.

You will be able to note during your visit of our site the identity and the notoriety of the various partners of international fame who committed themselves at my sides in this project which in spite of its financial aspect has a humanitarian character.

This is what I wanted to let you know but this great project will be nothing without your participation to all of you because today we have for the first time in the history of our planet a common enemy and I have always said that the success of a project depends on the choice we make of the people around you.

I will end my message with this reflection which is part of my life's path:

"Man is never as good as when his taste for success is nourished by his convictions".


Robert F. BLUM

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